How long will my Visor leaf tear offs take to biodegrade?



As with most biodegradable materials in nature, the breakdown time will depend on environmental factors such as moisture levels and temperature. In a industrial compost heap, our tear off should break down in around 12 weeks - a comparable speed to a leaf. As the material we use to make our tear offs is certified by the EU 13432 standard & certified by Vincotte for being biodegradable & OK for home composting you can be sure they’ll leave little trace.

A stray tear off left trackside or on the trail will take longer to break down than one of our tear offs disposed of properly into your compost heap or food waste bin. The actual time you’d see it take to break down would depend on the environmental conditions we mention above. You can be sure it’ll degrade faster than a non-biodegradable plastic tear off as these would take thousands of years to disappear.  


How do i dispose of my tear offs?

Your used tear offs can be put into your food waste bin or compost heap at home. 



How many tear offs can i use at a time?

You can layer around six tear offs before your vision will be affected. 


Is my visor leaf packaging recyclable?


Yes. You can recycle our insert with all your other paper. Our zip lock bag is made out of a LDPE that can be recycled as normal with your plastic.




When will you add new goggle models to your range of biodegradable tear offs?


We’re always looking to add new goggle model tear offs to our range. Use our contact us form on the bottom of the homepage if we don’t happen to stock what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know when we’ve got them made!