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We were out riding and something got us thinking. What happens to all these tear offs we're using? We decided something had to change. That's why we've created 100% biodegradable tear offs. When disposed of properly they'll break down at the same speed as a leaf, so now the only thing you'll leave behind is the competition




Our product


Our product is completely biodegradable and produced using natural materials. This means your tear offs will eventually break down and become part of the earth you're standing on. You’ll see no difference in clarity between our product and a non-biodegradable counterpart so you can ride easy with nothing but clear vision and a clear conscience.

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Our promise to the planet

We care about the world we live in. We want to leave no trace (apart from our tire tracks, of course) so we’ll always think about the impact the decisions us guys here at Visor Leaf make will have on the world. This is why we’ve produced our biodegradable tear off, why we recommend all riders take their used tear offs home to compost or dispose of in a food waste bin, why our packaging is easily recyclable and why we manufacture our products here in the UK.


"Leaf no trace."

— Tom & Rupert, 2017


Who are these guys?

The guys behind visor leaf are riders just like you. Tom is an eager mountain biker and Rupert raced motocross at club level (and one or two nationals) for 10 years – so we know how important it is to have clear vision.

As riders we know how important it is to preserve the tracks and trails we already have. We all know of that council, complainer or just generally grumpy soul who is looking for an excuse to take them away from us. That’s why we think it’s so important to minimise the impact our actions have - this includes the litter we leave behind at the track.

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We’re always interested in hearing from anybody who’s interested in what we’re doing. Whether you’re a fellow rider who likes the sound of our product, a journalist who wants to help us spread the word far and wide of the biodegradable goodness we’re producing, or even a potential stockist get in touch here.

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